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Established 1995

Tel : 023-8838020
Mobile : 087-7406501
Email : info@hitec.ie


Our wealth of experience has allowed us to package products and services geared specifically at the SME sector. We can offer a comprehensive network support package, easily tailored to your specific needs for a Networking Imagefraction of the cost of an in-house IT team. Our diverse clients have come to rely on us. They appreciate our personal service and we have become the IT department that they needed but thought they couldn't afford. Whether it's a single PC or an entire network, our professional network installation & setup service is designed to make things as straight forward as possible. Our service is perfect for businesses just starting out, relocating or simply upgrading their technology.


PC & Server installation

This is a complete service, from unpacking and plugging in your PC to setting-up internet access, configuring your email, security and printer connections. The Server install also includes multiple user administration and a compatible supplied LAN switch. Many basic system problems stem from systems that have been set up incorrectly. While not immediately apparent, problems can manifest themselves later in unrelated ways. We can help you set up your new PC, laptop or server, right out of the box.