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Established 1995

Tel : 023-8838020
Mobile : 087-7406501
Email : info@hitec.ie

Computer Repairs

Computer Motherboard ImageIf you need your laptop or PC repaired, whether it is a current model or out of production model, we are here to help you. We repair out of warranty laptops or PCs from virtually every manufacturer in and out of business.


Home & Business PC Repair

Inside Computer ImageWhen you depend on computers in your home, at your business and even on-the-go, a computer that doesn't work is often a real crisis.Our computer repair technicians will come to your home or business ensureing your crisis is solved fast and flawlessly.


Laptops and Computers

Laptop ImageWe'll quickly figure out what is causing your computer problems and determine the best options for getting your system back up and running. We have the quickest turn-around time in town. Bootup problems. If your computer won't start, you're getting system errors, or your system is shutting down, we can fix the problem and get your computer running again. Sluggish systems. We can tune and optimize your PC to get it runnning like new again. Hardware failures. We will diagnose your system to see what the exact problem is and replace any parts if necessary. We only stock the best quality parts - if we wouldn't use them ourselves, we won't sell them.

Virus & Spyware

Has your PC or laptop become infected with a virus, or slowing to a crawl with spyware? No need to panic, MD COmputer's Virus & Spyware Removal service is just what you need. We'll take a look. Our special software will identify any viruses or spyware on your computer and safely remove them. We will recommend the future action and keep you safe for the return of any possible virus or computer hackers.