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Established 1995

Tel : 023-8838020
Mobile : 087-7406501
Email : info@hitec.ie


Hi-Tec is a reseller of a wide range of products from all the leading IT Toshiba Laptop Imagemanufacturers. Compant Van ImageOur aim is to give you, the customer, a Personal, Professional & Affordable IT Service. We will advise you on what products best suit your needs, all within your budget.


Custom Computers

Computer range from simple custom builds for budgets, or custom builds with things like gaming or power 3D editing in mind.

You can do many things with a Custom Computer and they tend to be specified to amazing levels, Quad-Core Processors, Liquid Cooling, Crossfire or SLi Graphics set ups, custom designed cases, including Custom Acrylic window designs, fan guards. These can all culminate into the best performing and best looking computer system...for you.

A custom computer really is a computer for you. Not anybody else, that's why they are called Custom Computers.



Printer Sales

As printer specialists, we sell a range of printers and plotters. This range covers the main types of printer that you may require, from dot-matrix, to inkjet, to laser.

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